MSA Fall Meeting


Date: Oct 26, 2015

Time: 6:30 pm

Location:  Ecole Sainte Anne

The minutes for the May 2015 meeting are available in the email notice sent out by Promise Mwenga to all members on Sept 26th,2015.

2015 AGM

MSA members and friends

Thank you, to all those who were able to attend this years AGM.

I was thoroughly impressed with how much business we were able to complete.  At times we got a bit bogged down but it was a great meeting. Promise M.  presented a beautiful video at the end of the meeting which highlighted last seasons activities.  It was a special ending to the meeting.

I would like to announce the names of the new executive and committee members for those who where unable to attend.

  • Sandra Bulmer (Commodore)
  • Kevin Pegler (Vice Commodore)

Storm Forecast

stormHi Members

As you probably know, the Mactaquac Park runs on a skeleton crew during weekends.  Given this and the forecast that the storm is to start tonight and continue tomorrow, the Park is asking boat owners to exercise all due diligence to ensure the safety of their boats.  In preparation the Park is currently checking problem areas as well to ensure that things are tied down and secure .

Neil Sandwith of the Mactaquac Park has advised that they will have security staff to patrol the Park over the night time but they are responsible for the entire Park not just the marina.  It is expected that security will have a very busy nite and cannot be everywhere at once.


Hello Members
I have contacted Neill Sandwith at Mactaquac Park this morning to get feedback on the driving conditions into the Boat Storage Area.
You can now drive through the park to the Boat Storage Area.  Neill noted that the field is still damp and to use caution.
The gate will be left unlocked for us to enter. Please leave it unlocked
The Red Locks will not be placed on until Monday (May 5th) because the person that does this is away today.
The Park access times are:
Monday and Tuesday  8 am to 4:30 pm.
Wednesday to Sunday 8 am to 8 pm.
In the event of any difficulties please contact Park Security at phone # 470-1522.
Sandy Bulmer (Commodore)
Update #2
MSA members
I have been in touch with Neil at Mactaquac Park.
The roads leading to the BOAT STORAGE FIELD is impassable; with at least a foot of snow and slush. The storage field is water logged!
The RED LOCKS will NOT be put on until mid to late next week!
If you wish to get to the field you will need to park at Larry Jewett’s marina parking lot and walk up to the Storage Field.
[more information to come]
S. Bulmer, Commodore
Hello all Members
Stephen and I had a meeting with Neill Sandwith today and I would like to pass on 2 important messages to you.
  1. The RED LOCKS  will be placed on the beach front gate on April 24th.  This will allow you to drive into the Boat Storage area to get your boats ready for the Spring Launch.  The Park will be open Monday and Tuesdays from 9:am to 4:30 pm. and Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 10: pm. You may use your key to open the gate and drive through during these hours only.  The phone # for Park Security is 470-1522.

May 2014 SailMSA Breakfast

MSA Members
Our MSA breakfast will be at the Hill Top this Saturday May 3th at 10:00 am.
Hope to see you there.


Hello MSA Members,

I have been in touch with Neill Sandwith, Park Manager.

The RED LOCKS will be placed back on the Park Gates on April the 24th in order for people to drive into their boats.

In the event you experience any difficulty please call the Park.


~Sandi Bulmer, Commodore

January 2014 Breakfast

MSA breakfast for Saturday, Jan 4th

10:00 am at Isaac’s Way.

649 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

See you all there!!!

Sailing into Christmas

Wow, what a year!  “I love this club”.  Starting out as a new Commodore I am just getting my sea legs.   I have had an executive and a membership willing to support me, help me and advise me to get things done.  Our club is both special and unique.

Our summer season of sailing was full of fun this year in spite of many rainy days.  After the boats were in we all enjoyed meeting at the marina to chat and then take a sail.  Our Wednesday night races were attended by our regular enthusiasts and the Cal Creaser race was eventful indeed.


The first winter Breakfast has been scheduled: 

10 am on Nov 30th at Isaac’s Way,

New Address:

649 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

See you all there!!!

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