4th Wed Race Winner is Stephen T and Ann H on T 26 Raven

Your fourth Wednesday Night Race continued the “Holy Shirimp Theme” with yet another new winner stunning the field with a dramatic victory.

This  Races saw an increase to 12 people and 5 boats make a showing on the course as Kevin and Stephanie P were good enough to take the trouble to bring Wild Wood a Wayfarer down for the event. Thanks guys. It was nice to see her back at Mactaquac

The start was pure confusion with  Rod P. and Geoff  W   rounding the starting mark so far ahead of the fleet it was not a  staggered start but a “2 Time Zone” start. But in Pure Wed Nnight Fashion, the race was not to evolve as expected.

Despite being well, well, well back from  the line when we  all realized the  race had started the new team of Stephen L and Ann H a board the Tanzer 26 Raven would take the race.  The Raven is new to Mactaquac and has a racing past but no one expected it to take flight, then swoop and soar through a very surprised field.

So, your winner of the fourth “no-timer, no-problem” race series was…… Stephen L and Ann H aboard the Tanzer 26 Raven

Stephen and Ann are deservedly happy


A little crow was served  from  the   deck of the Raven to those of us who were a little  too  dismissive of this new  team on an unknown boat. Ann  had been “The Cruncher” aboard the Work of Art but we can expect her to seek a  promotion after this big win.   Oh, the beauty of MSA’s Wed Night Racing and a girlfriend on the winning boat.







Other winners were:

  • Widest Age Spread Award goes to Wild Wood  for Stephanie and Kevin P.
  • Newest Sailor Award goes to La Belle Brise for Mr Benjamin I.  who never sailed before
  • Best Start Award by a Nautical Mile goes to Sail La Vie and Rod & Geoff
  • Most Valiant Award goes to Trevor and Helen for racing despite exiting the cove about the time Rod called the start.
  • Best Pizza Award  Award goes to Me for the beer and  pizza party on the Work  of Art!

Finally the weather cooperated and we had the usual  post-race analysis, comradely, in fighting, blaming, shaming,  name calling,  beer, and that  cancer-fighting pizza in the cockpit of the Dufour for all to enjoy. My colleagues at work are supporting their Run for the Cure team by selling pizza on Wednesday. So I am fighting cancer one pizza at a time!

Again,  “..super  fun night”.


Here are the photos on a random order. Seems this blogging software is on crack.

2 thoughts on “4th Wed Race Winner is Stephen T and Ann H on T 26 Raven

  1. Rod P

    Good sail Stephan & Ann.
    As you could tell I was devastated by your win.
    So glad it was not Dino otherwise I would have to commit suicide – the abuse!!

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