MSA Notice of Fall 2013 Meeting





November 4, 2013

Mactaquac Lodge, ground floor

Start at 7 PM

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 2, 2013 members approved a “new” Constitution for the MSA and, at the same time, agreed that amendments to this Constitution would be considered at our fall meeting.  You have already received edits/amendments to this Constitution as proposed by your Executive.  These proposed edits/amendments will be on the agenda for the November 4th meeting.   

Please note that the proposed changes are mainly edits and do not change the intent of the Constitution.

There are only two content changes to be voted on as amendments.

  1. 1.       Article IV section 4.4.2 Delete “The Vice Commodore will preside over a crane in/out standing committee”.
  2. 2.      Article IV Section 4.3.3 and Article VI section 6.1.6, both of which stipulate that proposed changes/amendments to the Constitution, whether initiated by the Executive or the Membership, and the motions supporting these, be put in writing.

If members have additional amendments to the Constitution other than those already proposed by the Executive and/or items they would like to see on the agenda for this November meeting, it would be greatly appreciated if these proposed amendments and the motion(s) in support of these amendments, together with suggested agenda items were put in writing and provided to the Secretary (Stephen Leavitt) on or before October 21st at either of the addresses listed below.  This will facilitate your Executive in preparing the Agenda which must be forwarded to members by October 28th.  Your cooperation in this regard should also help expedite our discussions.

Secretary: or 70 Sherwood Ct. Frederiction, N.B. E3B-2P5    

We urge all our membership to attend this upcoming meeting, not only for quorum purposes, but to ensure that all have a voice in the affairs of our Association.

3 thoughts on “MSA Notice of Fall 2013 Meeting

  1. Mike McGee

    Hi Promise, I think we should add some safety provisions to the crane out/in procedure. Not that anyone is being unsafe but moreso for prevention of accidents and liability issues. There are a lot of potential dangers with the amount of moving parts and people. It may be worth taking a look at it. Some things that would be easy to do:
    1. Safety equipment: Hard hats and gloves for people near slings and bars attached to crane boom.
    2. Safety policy: written in the constitution or perhaps on waiver that states safety takes precedence over everything.
    3. Safety meeting before crane in/out that details each persons task (s) and safety concerns.
    4. Safety watchdog: appoint one person to watch over and make sure people are not in danger as things can happen fast.

    Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery.

  2. Kim Palmer

    Great points Mike , we are so very lucky that no one does not get hurt. I think that we all want to help but are not always watching when we should be.

  3. Kevin Pegler

    Some suggestions: when Dale and I did the crane out we appointed a safety officer. That person’s role was to be on the look out for unsafe practices. Further, a schedule was posted requiring people to work certain roles. Each role or task was explained and ten minutes was built into the schedule for a hand over for each position. This gave the incoming person ten minutes to learn from the person handing the position over. Moreover, folks only worked a position for a finite amount of time thus avoiding overwork and fatigue which leads to mistakes or injury.

    Each person working on the dock or around the crane was issued PPE in the form of a orange safety vest and hard had. That had the added benefit of making folks who were in roles of responsibility clearly identifiable to the crane operator and others.

    Finally, safety rules procedures have no business in a constitution document. Those types of items belong in regulations or by-laws. Still the point is well taken, safety rules need to be discussed, recorded, and set out for all to learn and understand.

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