Cal Creaser Cup – 2014

The race for the prestigious and coveted Cal Creaser Cup was held on Sunday, July 10, 2014.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  By race time, the wind had picked up to a northwesterly breeze of 10-15 kph.  In short, the conditions were no less than stupendous.  Ten boats assembled from all over the majestic St. John River, our treasure of pleasure, including two new to noble sport of sailboat racing (three cheers for “Springthaw” and “Windward”).  The run upriver to the island was downwind all the way, allowing the boats to sail wing on wing, which trim is also known as “milkmaid” – an apt description if there ever was one.  After rounding the island, several tacks were required to get back – the boats crisscrossed each other, heeled over for much of the time.  The actual race duration time for “Raven” (Tanzer 26 – fifth place, if I’m not mistaken) was 2:33:47.  The Cup was awarded to Gaston Damecour whose hobie went around the course like it was her manifest destiny – who says cats can’t fly?  Very high honour and glory go to the second and third place winners – respectively, John Beal (Dragon “Yvonne”), who was the only skipper to fly a spinnaker, and Rod Pickles (Tanzer 7.5 “Sail La Vie”) and his crew of merry men.  Also, kudos to diminutive but mighty Hannah V. for skippering Gaoth on the upwind leg.  The race was followed by a delicious bbq of sausages, corn and other tasty morsels (expenses: 130.78; fees, donations, sale of corn: 88) – many thanks to Kim, Faye, Janice, and everyone else who helped prepare the cornucopia.  See pictures attached – many more will be found on the MSA website.  I think you will all agree that it is beautiful to behold so many sailboats together on the water.  Fortunately, there will be further opportunities to do so and to be part of the fun – there will be a race in September (date tba) – and, between now and then, you can come out on Wednesday evenings to hone your skills and tactics (evening races will be starting earlier due to the ever-diminishing hours from dawn to dusk) – stay tuned (and keep your stays tuned) for more great racing action.  See you on the water.

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