2015 Crane In!


Crane in is scheduled for May 14th . Check your email for details.

One thought on “2015 Crane In!

  1. Tommi Linnansaari


    I work at Canadian Rivers Institute at UNB. Like last year, we will have activities occurring in the Mactaquac Headpond in the summer of 2015. I would like to inform your association regarding our work and the buoys we will be installing throughout the headpond. I did not find a phone number or an email access anywhere on your website, so I hope this note will capture the attention of someone in your Association.

    I can be reached at office (506) 458 7569, if someone would like to discuss with me more regarding the work of CRI/UNB on the headpond. We will be uploading the approximate locations of the surface buoys in the headpond to our website shortly (http://canadianriversinstitute.com/research/mactaquac-aquatic-ecosystem-study/fish-passage/)

    Best regards, and good sailing,

    Dr. Tommi Linnansaari

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