Wednesday Night Race – June 15

The first Wednesday night race was held last night.  There was an prodigious, and prestigious, showing for the first race event of the 2016 season, with seven boats looking to claim glory – Banjo, Gaoth, Sail La Vie, Yvonne, Raven, CS’TA, and La Belle Brise.  The weather was grim as the boats headed out – cloudy skies, wind gusty, and a bit of precipitation.  However, as start time approached, it sky brightened, the wind lightened, and the rain patter did not heighten but ceased.  The start was excellent, one of the best – clearly, the skippers were watching their watches – in the five minutes leading up to the start, the intensity grew and the boats edged ever closer to the start line, and everyone went over in a relatively tight cluster.  On the first downwind leg, the boats searched for, and stole, wind where they could.  After rounding the first mark, Banjo and Raven broke away on the upwind leg – Yvonne, demonstrating her superior pointing ability, was close behind.  The course was a winding affair, and, despite the map thereof being drawn upside down at the skippers’ meeting, all boats were able to navigate it.  During the race, there was a back and forth battle between the 27s – a veritable clash of the titans – this match-up will be interesting to watch over the season – in a race with a lot of wind, they will be tough competitors.  First over the finish line was Banjo, followed by Raven, Yvonne, then Sail La Vie.  With corrected time, Raven was first, followed by Yvonne, Sail La Vie, then Banjo (methinks Banjo might have lost some time due to the skipper taking a rest break during the race).  A big shout out to the small but mighty Hannah V for bringing Gaoth over the line in good time despite taking a penalty turn for grazing a marker.  Pictures from last night’s race are below.


At this point, you’re probably thinking that Wednesday night racing sounds, and looks, like a lot of fun – and you would be right about that – not only do you get out on the water with your mates and hone your skills, but there is a great spirit of conviviality both on and off the water – so, come out next week and throw your cap into the ring.  Please note that, next Wednesday, start time will be approximately 6:20 p.m.


And, continuing with the fun and excitement, the first official race of the season, the Fathers’ Day Race, is this Sunday, June 19.  We will aim to start at approximately 1:30 p.m.  There will be a skippers’ meeting beforehand at 1:00 p.m. to set the course.  For the countdown to the start, the sequence will be 5, 4, 1,0 (minutes) – one long blast of the horn each time.  This is a notable and portentous race – get the first race under your belt, and lay it down – come out and enjoy the fun.  BBQ to follow.  There will be a race fee of $5 to cover the BBQ expenses.


As a reminder, the other official races will be held on the following dates:


Summer Regatta – Sunday, July 17

Cal Creaser Cup – Sunday, August 14

Fall Classic – Sunday, September 11IMG_07411

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