2016 Fathers Day Race

The Fathers’ Day Race for the Tingley Cup was held on Sunday, June 19, 2016.  Conditions were challenging for the ten competitors, with sustained high winds and heavy gusts – it was a blusterous affair.  Instead of the normal long-winded wind up, the pictures attached, and the ones that can be found at the link below, will tell the story.  First over the line was the Kirby 25, followed by Shockwave (J24), Banjo (C&C29), then Raven (T26).  Results after time adjusted: Raven (T26); Banjo (C&C29); Kirby 25; Peace of Mind (T26).  Notable mentions: Gaoth (T22), which Hannah V is bringing ever closer to the podium, placing sixth in today’s race; to Kim and Faye for tending the BBQ and having a feast ready for hungry sailors; and, to Rob H for the spectacular photos at the link below.  On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for coming out and making the race eventful, and for making the social after so enjoyable. 




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