2011 Racing Results

Race # 2 Results - July 10,2011
Race #3 Results - August 6, 2011Race4

3 thoughts on “2011 Racing Results

  1. g damecour

    1. make sure all the boats did the full course… at least 1 did not

    2. the handicap for a wayfarer w spinnaker is?

    3.Laser 92,000 is a radial laser handicap is? not = to a 1980 classic


  2. Kevin Pegler

    Handicap, as used at MSA for many years now , for a Wayfarer under spi is 91.8. To date, no one has asked for a white sail only handicap for a Wayfarer – even if conditions don’t allow us to set a spinnaker. Moreover, a review of the results over say the last five or six years clearly shows that the Wayfarer handicap as assigned, is not particularly generous for the local conditions.

    Why do you ask?

  3. Bill Daisley

    Jake Charlton (listed as 6th) in the Sunfish 5229 did not complete the course. Like me, he was tired & hungry & we both decided to call it a day.

    Bill (sailing Anne’s Laser this day)
    (Sunfish sailor & Man O War repairer)

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