King’s Landing Regatta Cup

Kings Landing  Regatta Cup Trophy…The History

By Brian Mills 

Back in the 70s and early 80s, boats kept at the Mactaquac sail boat marina were mainly day sailors.  There were fleets of Mirror dinghies, 505s, Wayfarers, Lasers and Stars.  While the Stars were kept at a mooring, most of the boats were dry sailed.  That is they were stored on their dolly in the compound and launched by the skipper and crew for sailing.

The Mactaquac Sailing Association had a very active racing program using the Portsmouth handicap system.  There were races almost every weekend and included some two day regattas.

One of the two day regattas was the Kings Landing regatta.  Kings Landing Historical Settlement had donated a beautiful sterling silver champagne cooler and one of the members built the wooded base to complete the trophy.

The Kings Landing regatta started from Woolastook Park on Saturday about noon.  All the boats were trailered, sailed, or towed by the Association’s rescue boat to the Park.  On Sunday the race was usually from Woolastook up to Kings Landing in the morning.  Boats were beached at Kings Landing and skippers and crew went ashore for a picnic lunch.

When the original Mactaquac Sailing Association was losing members and racing was in decline, one of the last Commodores, Keith Davies was in possession of the Trophy.  When Keith moved from Fredericton to Kingston Ontario, he handed over the trophy to Brian Mills with the instruction to ensure it was returned if the Mactaquac Sailing Association was ever revived and had an active racing program.

Some years later, Brian learned the Association had been revived but without a racing program in place.  Brian offered to revive the racing program by conducting a winter Learn to Race seminar and lead the first couple years of racing using the same Portsmouth handicap system.

After the racing program was well established, the Kings Landing trophy was returned to the Association to be used as a Club Championship trophy.   It was to be awarded to the skipper who had the best record in the regular weekend handicap races over the whole season.  There was a provision for one drop race.  At the time there were only 3 regular handicap races.

The reincarnated Kings Landing Club Championship trophy was first awarded in 2002.

Names  and class of boat on the Trophy in chronological order are:

  • 1974   David and Gordon Baskerville   505
  • 1975   Heather and Murray Neilson     505
  • 1976   Heather and Murray Neilson    505
  • 1977   Edward and Patty Petrie      505
  • 1978   Brian Mills    Laser
  • 1979    Ian and Alex Torrie   505
  • 1981   Ernest McFadgen   Britt Parsons    International Star
  • 1982  Keith and Michael Davies      Wayfarer
  • 1983  Sharon and Brian Mills   Wayfarer
  • 1984  Keith Davies  Dick Quiggs   Wayfarer
  • 1985  Cathy, Leo and David MacNeil     P-20


MSA Club Championship

  • 2002   Judy and Brian Mills    Wayfarer
  • 2003   Judy and Brian Mills     Wayfarer
  • 2004    John Rankin  Steve Floyd   John McKinney   Cygnass
  • 2005    Brian Mills     Laser
  • 2006    Mike and Heather Cote   Cygnass
  • 2007   Mike and Heather Cote   Cygnass
  • 2008   The Cote’s    Cygnass
  • 2009   The Cote’s   Cygnass





Brian Mills



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