Notice of AGM and Informantion from Executive


Sure, it’s snowing – but feel that wind.

Please find the following at this URL 2014 AGM Notice&Agenda&MshipAp Constitution

  •  1. Notice of Annual General Meeting (meeting to be held on Thursday, May 1, 2014, at Ecole Ste. Anne, Room C108  beginning at 6:30 p.m.);
  • 2. Agenda for AGM;
  • 3. Membership Application Form;
  • 4. Minutes of Meeting held on November 4, 2013; and,
  • 5. Constitution (revised as of November 4, 2013)

Members are urged to attend the Annual General Meeting to ensure that all have a voice in the affairs of our Association.

AGM Discussion on the goals/directions and actions for our club.

MSA Members

I trust that this message finds you all well and, in spite of the weather, eager to get the sailing season started.

By now you have probably had the opportunity to review the minutes of our fall meeting and read Stephen Leavitt’s message with the various attachments.

I would like to make a special request for your consideration.  At our May 1st meeting we are planning to have a pertinent discussion regarding the goals/directions and actions for our club.  Please come to our May AGM prepared to share your ideas and offer your help to implement them.  I am sure that as a team we can  continue to work together cooperatively to enrich and strengthen our club.

MSA Notice of Fall 2013 Meeting





November 4, 2013

Mactaquac Lodge, ground floor

Start at 7 PM

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 2, 2013 members approved a “new” Constitution for the MSA and, at the same time, agreed that amendments to this Constitution would be considered at our fall meeting.  You have already received edits/amendments to this Constitution as proposed by your Executive.  These proposed edits/amendments will be on the agenda for the November 4th meeting.   

2013 AGM Thursday, May 2nd @ 7pm

Calling All Stations…

The MSA’s 2013 Annual General Meeting will  be held on Thursday, May 2nd @ 7:00 pm at the Mactaquac Golf Lodge.

This is a great social event and nice way to kick off the season.

Here are links to related and past AGMs

April 13 DRAFT constitution

Past AGMs:

We will update this posting with agenda items so check back for more information

2011 Commodore’s Report

MSA’s Commodores’ Report on 2011

The summer of 2011 proved to be a great sailing season.  The year began with a successful crane in; we had approximately 34 boats in the water within 3 hours without incidents.   Crane out was equally successful.  Many thanks to Guy and Jocelyn for organizing both dates and to all members whom participated.  Great team work was demonstrated by all.

Welcome many new members

Park Relations:

Park is finalizing the tendering process adding 10-12 more slips with the continued participation of MSA Executive.

AGM & 2012 Race Committee

Ahoy All:

At last night’s AGM your “Aspiring MSA 2012 Race Committee” became your Official MSA 2012 Race Committee plus it picked up a few more people.

The Race Committee Chair is yours truly, Dino Kubik, and your members are: Rod Pickles, Kevin Pegler, Steve Vardy ,  Dale Hamilton, John Tarr and John Beal

We look forward to engaging you all over the 2012 season and continuing the MSA traditions of  great participation, dramatic finishes, and fun BBQs. The Wednesday Night Race Series is a new edition to the schedule and is sure to offer a new dimension to life at Mactaquac.

Past Commodore’s Report on 2010-11 Sailing Season

Calling all Stations….
This is your Past Commodore.

The May 04 AGM had a great turn out and resulted in your installing Kim P. as Commodore and Guy H. as Vice Commodore.

More on the full executive and committee members in a follow up Blog from you new Commodore. Kim P.

Here is the Commodore’s Report as presented (except I don’t use last names on the internet)

As for my future Blogging… well, I have to work that out with the new executive and commodore. As discussed at the AGM, I’m willing to work on increasing MSA membership numbers, encouraging MSA member involvement in activities, and do some PR for the MSA. Blogging may be a useful tool. Stay tuned…

2011 AGM Wed May 04

Calling All Stations…
This is the Outgoing Commodore,

Our 2011 AGM  is set for Wednesday, May 04, 20111 in UNB’s Renaissance College Campus @ 7pm

If it anything like the 2010 AGM it was quite it will be a very sociable evening.

Check out the blog on the 2010 AGM…

Second Floor, 811 Charlotte St

First Floor, 811 Charlotte St

Here is your Agenda for this year’s AGM

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call & Introductions
3. Agenda Review and Additions
4. Approval of 2010 Meeting’s Minutes

5. Reports
5.1. Treasurer’s Report
5.2. Race Committee’s Report
5.3. Commodore’s Report

Your 2010-2011 Exec and Committees

Calling all Stations,
This is the Commodore,

We had a great AGM last night with one pile of people showing up and participating actively.

The MSA AGM Gang from Far Left...

The MSA AGM Gang from Far Left...

The MSA Gang @ AGM... Left of Centre People

The MSA Gang @ AGM... Left of Centre People

Even More of the MSA Gang... Right of Centre (in terms of seating)

Even More of the MSA Gang... Right of Centre (in terms of seating)

MSA Gang... including the Commodore's 2 Right Hand People

MSA Gang... including the Commodore's 2 Right Hand People

Ken Clarke stepped down as Vice Commodore and, for me personally, Ken was a great help last year. Sort of the MSA’s one-man chamber of sober second thought. Thanks Ken.

AGM Agenda

Calling All Stations…
This is the Commodore,
Today is our AGM @ UNB’s Renaissance College which is a nice location but can never top the 2008 AGM’s venue…. out side @ the Park on May 6th, 2008.

The 2008 AGM Venue

The Perfect AGM Venue

Here is your Agenda for this year’s AGM

Second Floor, 811 Charlotte St

Second Floor, 811 Charlotte St

Switch to Channel 881 Charlotte Street for AGM
Here are the time and place
Mon, April 26th, 2010,
19:00 H / 7:00 PM
Apr 26 2010 19:00
UNB’s Renaissance College
811 Charlotte Street

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