Access to Storage Field

MSa Members,

The RED LOCK which gives you access through the park gate and  into the storage field will be removed October 31st.

After that date you will need to park your vehicle(s) in the public parking lot and walk to your boat.

Thank you for your so-operation1

~Sandy B., Commodore

Haul out Notice 2013

Traditionally, we have had some food at the haul out; both hot and cold.

Please indicate (via email, using reply all) if you will contribute to avoid too much duplication.

Prior to the start of the haul out you will be and there will be:

  • Short meeting on procedures
  • Sign a disclaimer
  • Provide a signed blank cheque payable to Rod P.
  • A cheque for $150 payable to Minister of Finance for people storing in the field

~(original email sent by Rod. P)

Boat Yard Visits


All is well in the Boat Yard.  There was snow loads on every boat except for Paul & Sandi’s and Irfan’s. Might be something to be said for the thicker and better fitting professional tarps. I want one!

Can I suggest that anyone making boat yard visits in 2013 give an update in the comments section of this posting?  Oh, looks like I just did.


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