“Sail” Course with Skipper Rod

Ahoy MSA Sailors

On Wed Nov 14 the MSA’s own Skipper Rod Pickles and  the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron will deliver the multi-week course called “Sail”

This course has something for everyone.   It will acquaint the beginner sailor with day-sailing in protected waters, while allowing experienced sailors to sharpen their skills.

The course has 4 main sections:

  • The Sailboat (Rigs and Plans; Design; Standing and Running Rigging; Sail types and cuts);
  • The Forces (Stability; Balance; Wind…);
  • Techniques of Sailing (Tuning; Up and Downwind sailing; Spinnaker handling; Heavy weather sailing…); and

Our Mactaquac Ice Boaters are at Tue, Jan 24/13 Boating Talk

Calling all MSA Boaters:

You don’t want to miss  the January’s Free Monthly Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron’s Boating Talk on Ice Boating by our own Mike C and friends.

Kevin P. sailing his DN Ice Boat, Jan 2011. Photo by Mike C.

Kevin P. sailing his DN Ice Boat, Jan 2011. Photo by Mike C.

The Talk happens Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 7:30 pm on the 2nd floor of Renaissance College.

Tue, Nov 8th Free Boat Talk… “Weather and Hurricanes” by Claude Cote

Lots of people came out of this event….

Lots of People...

Lots of People...

… really, lots…

Lots and lots

Lots and lots

We had door prizes, too….

Claude did a great job. Thanks Claude.

Claude Cote

Claude Cote

Ahoy Boater… another worthwhile and well attended presentation is on the horizon.

Mark down Tuesday, November 8th and save the evening.

The Fredericton Power and Sail Squadrons (FPS) will be hosting local boaters to a free “Boat Talk” on Weather and Hurricanes by Claude Cote of Environment Canada. The location is the first floor of Renaissance College (RC), 811 Charlotte Street, on the corner of Charlotte and Church streets with a start time of @ 7:30 pm.

Thurs, Oct 27th:”Changes in Latitude Party” Jimmy Buffet Style

Ahoy MSA  Sailors and Party People

You are invited to a Party at 7pm on Oct 27

It is hosted by the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron at the Fredericton Golf and Country Club.

Seems our MSA Spirit must be defended!!  So, we need ya.

Guy, as our MSA “Port Captain” from the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron (FPS), has been issues a challenge.

The challenge involves MSA’s reputation as a fun place and:
Individual Limbo Contest;
Individual Hula Hoop Contest;
Individual Hawaiian Shirt Contest;
Marina vs. Marina Conga Line Competition.

FREE Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks Start May 28, 2011

Calling all boaters at Da’ Quac… you don’t need to be an MSA member for this one…

This is the guy on Slip #1 in Walinack Cove.

Use Canadian Safe Boating Awareness Week to prepare for your boating season by getting a FREE Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check from Fredericton Power & Sail Squadrons (FPSS) and get your safety inspection sticker.

Gear varies by boat type, lenght, and equipment on baord.

Gear varies by boat type, lenght, and equipment on baord.

FPSS working in partnership with Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety, will help ensure that you and your family have an enjoyable and safe summer on the water. May help you avoid a  hefty fine.

Request a “Boat Song” from CBC Radio’s Weekend Mornings

Calling All Stations…

To celebrate North American Safe Boating Week (May 21-28),  Stan Carew and CBC’s Weekend Mornings are taking requests for “Boat Songs”.

I’ve made my request,  so you should, too. Get the Mactaquac Sailing Association on the map. Then tune into CBC Radio One 99.5 FM to listen on Saturday from 6:00 – 9:00 a.m. and Sundays from 6:00 – 8:30 a.m. with host Stan Carew.

To get a request played on Saturday, call 1-888-737-0338 or email wknd@cbc.ca before Thursday by 5pm.

To get a request played on Sunday, call 1-888-737-0338 or email wknd@cbc.ca before Friday by 5pm.

Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron’s Winter Boating Talk “Sail and Rope Care” with Dave Martin of Flyer Products

Calling all stations….

This is the “Outgoing Commodore”

On Tuesday March 15 the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron hosted Dave Martin of Flyer Products on the third of their “Winter Boating Talks”.

These have been very popular and the quality of the speakers has been fantastic. The willingness of these busy people to give up an evening to present says a lot about the boating community in Fredericton.

Dave owns and operates Flyer Products on Timothy Dr. out on the Hanwell Rd. His number should be programmed into your phone so here it is Phone 459 7077 and Fax 459 1705

Fredericton Power and Sail Sqdn Presents John Beal and the Caribbean 1500

Calling all stations… this is the outgoing commodore.

The Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron’s second speaker night of the winter was another great success.

It was a dark and stormy night on Wednesday, January 12 when 35 people gathered to hear John Beal deliver an outstanding presentation on his participation on the 2010 Caribbean 1500 (nm).

Members of the MSA came out in good numbers (well over a dozen) and Harold B. takes home an MSA tee shirt. (Harold you will have to wait until the boat house reopens as the shirts is in the MSA locker… sorry)

John Beal and Stormy Tales from The Caribbean 1500

Calling all Stations… this is the outgoing Commodore…

On the evening of Wednesday, January 12, 2011 , at 7:30 pm drop into Renaissance College  and join your friends to hear the MSA’s John Beal.

The College is at  811 Charlotte Street which is the corner of Charlotte and Church, Fredericton. For the UNB Alumni old enough to remember it is Ye ‘Ol Maggie Jean Chestnut Residence.

Free Sailors’ Xmas Party, Thurs, Dec 2,

Calling all stations, this is the Commodore..
Skip the "Ho, Ho, Ho" Merry Christmas
Jump on the "Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum" Christmas

I think we have a new theme for one of the MSA's 2011 Race.

I think we have a new theme for one of the MSA's 2011 Race.

The MSA has an open door invitation from Commander Shawn Billerman, so let's take advantage of
the opportunity and crash this party!!
Great speaker, Santa Bob Gamble, on "What it takes to charter a boat in the Caribbean"
Here is what you need to know...
1. Get a designated Helmsman.
2. What: 7pm, Thurs, Dec 2
3. What: Fredericton Power & Sail Squadron Christmas Part
4. Where: Fredericton Golf Club, 331 Golf Club Road
5. Cash Bar, Munchies will be served, Bring a Friend if you got any
This is the Commodore. Over.

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