ISAF Survival At Sea Course


Coming across a Kijijij add for a weekend International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Survival at Sea Course is sure to get any sailor’s interest during a frosty February.

Make it a February when the ski hill just got stripped of some primo snow and interest turns into a remarkable February 8-9 weekend in Charlottetown.

The course was billed as “…2 days of theoretical and practical personal offshore safety and sea survival training that prepares participants to negotiate passage making and ocean racing with competence and confidence”.

Irene Preparations

Calling all Stations,

This is the Work of Art’s Skipper, AKA The Piece of Work.

Well, we had a record 3 groundings at Walinack Cove in the last 24 hours but at 3 pm the rains began in earnest so no more worries there.

As you can see, NB Power has a new holding company called DrainItCo which pulled a plug somewhere anddropped the Head Pond 4 feet.

Merci, NB Powers

Merci, NB Powers

It was quite something…

The dock became a ramp!

The dock became a ramp!

Review 2011 People Power Day

Calling all stations,


People Power Day 2011 made Walinack Cove a busy place…

The MSA Skippers cane through for the “Friends of Mactaquacby showing up in numbers and taking 60 people for a sail.  Thanks to the MSA members who came out to organize our involvement and in particular to the ones who skippered for the day… John T. John B. Dave M, Guy H, Kim, Trevor and Helen R, Rod P,Dino K, and Ben J.

Here we see a few pics of our MSA All Stars… thanks.

Past Commodore’s Report on 2010-11 Sailing Season

Calling all Stations….
This is your Past Commodore.

The May 04 AGM had a great turn out and resulted in your installing Kim P. as Commodore and Guy H. as Vice Commodore.

More on the full executive and committee members in a follow up Blog from you new Commodore. Kim P.

Here is the Commodore’s Report as presented (except I don’t use last names on the internet)

As for my future Blogging… well, I have to work that out with the new executive and commodore. As discussed at the AGM, I’m willing to work on increasing MSA membership numbers, encouraging MSA member involvement in activities, and do some PR for the MSA. Blogging may be a useful tool. Stay tuned…

AGM 7pm May 04, 2011

Calling All Stations…
This is the Outgoing Commodore,

The 2011 AGM  happens @ 7pm tonight (Wednesday, May 04, 20111)

Location is UNB’s Renaissance College Campus  @ 811 Charlotte Street

Here is you agenda…

MSA Agenda for 2011 AGM

Wednesday, May 4th 2011

Call to Order

  • Roll Call & Introductions
  • Agenda 2011 Review, Additions, Acceptance
  • Approval of 2010 Meeting’s Minutes


  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Race Committee’s Report
  • Commodore’s Report

Old Business

New Business

  • Budget ( PortaPotti $200/Month & $100/ Year x 2)

2011 Crane In

Ahoy all… here is an important  note on the the 2011 crane-in for the Skipper of the Peace of Mind, and the King of  the Crane, Guy. Thanks Guy for sending out this first notice.

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great winter and you will be ready to haul-in on Friday, May 20, 2011.  I’m sure most of you can’t wait to get on the water……

Please look at the the Fall 2010 Haul-Out list found below  and if you know of anyone who is not on the list but wants to crane in a the MSA please let me know and provide the person’s phone number or email address.  If you know of anyone who will not be hauling-in besides Peter Carlisle, please let me know.

Time to Pay for Moorings and Slips

Mooriings in Walinack Cove @ Centenial PArk

Mooriings in Walinack Cove @ Centenial PArk

Calling all sailors wanting a mooring or slip:

If you want to keep your mooring or slip call (363 4774) or visit Judy Christie at the Park to pay for your mooring or slip before Friday April 29.

The moorings that were vacant in 2010 are being rented now and after April 29 if you have not rented your mooring it could be rented to someone else for 2011.

As I recall it….

Moorings or keeping a boat on a trailer in the yard is $200.

Slips are $450.

2011 AGM Wed May 04

Calling All Stations…
This is the Outgoing Commodore,

Our 2011 AGM  is set for Wednesday, May 04, 20111 in UNB’s Renaissance College Campus @ 7pm

If it anything like the 2010 AGM it was quite it will be a very sociable evening.

Check out the blog on the 2010 AGM…

Second Floor, 811 Charlotte St

First Floor, 811 Charlotte St

Here is your Agenda for this year’s AGM

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call & Introductions
3. Agenda Review and Additions
4. Approval of 2010 Meeting’s Minutes

5. Reports
5.1. Treasurer’s Report
5.2. Race Committee’s Report
5.3. Commodore’s Report

Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron’s Winter Boating Talk “Sail and Rope Care” with Dave Martin of Flyer Products

Calling all stations….

This is the “Outgoing Commodore”

On Tuesday March 15 the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron hosted Dave Martin of Flyer Products on the third of their “Winter Boating Talks”.

These have been very popular and the quality of the speakers has been fantastic. The willingness of these busy people to give up an evening to present says a lot about the boating community in Fredericton.

Dave owns and operates Flyer Products on Timothy Dr. out on the Hanwell Rd. His number should be programmed into your phone so here it is Phone 459 7077 and Fax 459 1705

Fredericton Power and Sail Sqdn Presents John Beal and the Caribbean 1500

Calling all stations… this is the outgoing commodore.

The Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron’s second speaker night of the winter was another great success.

It was a dark and stormy night on Wednesday, January 12 when 35 people gathered to hear John Beal deliver an outstanding presentation on his participation on the 2010 Caribbean 1500 (nm).

Members of the MSA came out in good numbers (well over a dozen) and Harold B. takes home an MSA tee shirt. (Harold you will have to wait until the boat house reopens as the shirts is in the MSA locker… sorry)

MSA Upcoming Events

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