Skuttle Butt.. Marks Out

Ahoy… your 2012 Race Committee has been busy pulling those seasonal marks.  Thanks Rod & Geoff for getting the closest up river mark and Kevin P for getting the highest mark.










“Irfan of  the Mystically Fast Mirage 26” and “Dino of the Da Dufour Two Four” got your lowest mark out.

Let me say, these marks know how to bury themselves into the mud.  As you can see from the photos, Irfan who remained very clean was the brains of  the operation and directed operation…

The First 2 Weeks

Here is the view of things from Dock #1 in Walinack Cove

Okay… a first weekend of wet weather was okay as it provided all a chance to clean up the boat.

Even Commodore Kim got into the act…

He may be our Commodore, but Faye is his Admiral

He may be our Commodore, but Faye is his Admiral

But by weekend 2 people were polishing the pulpits!

Or has Paul just installed Sandy as the new Figure Head?

The Tanzer 26 Windward gets a new Figure Head.

The Tanzer 26 Windward gets a new Figure Head.

Serious sailing should start any day now….

Request a “Boat Song” from CBC Radio’s Weekend Mornings

Calling All Stations…

To celebrate North American Safe Boating Week (May 21-28),  Stan Carew and CBC’s Weekend Mornings are taking requests for “Boat Songs”.

I’ve made my request,  so you should, too. Get the Mactaquac Sailing Association on the map. Then tune into CBC Radio One 99.5 FM to listen on Saturday from 6:00 – 9:00 a.m. and Sundays from 6:00 – 8:30 a.m. with host Stan Carew.

To get a request played on Saturday, call 1-888-737-0338 or email before Thursday by 5pm.

To get a request played on Sunday, call 1-888-737-0338 or email before Friday by 5pm.

HMS Bounty Tour

Calling all history buffs,
This is the commodore writing from the St Andrews waterfront

Great tour but it is cold on the dock.

Dress warm

Here are some pics added from home….

Here are a few videos…

Profile of the ship

Is there any thing more nautical than a ship’s wheel? Yes.

The sailors were not highly literate but were highly inventive..

The bones of the ship…

This is the Commodore… Over


4 Stroke Good… 2 Stroke Baaaaaad.

Calling all stations, This is the Commodore…

Question: Are 4 Strokes really better for the environment than 2 strokers?

Just wanted to toss up a contraversal question to see if I can get any reaction… Read the postings and give you point of view.

Heck… skip the postings and just give your opinion!

Some say we are being sold a pile of “green bull poop” by the marine industry on this topic.

Me, I’ve vote on this issue every time I pull the cord on that 1980s 2-Stroke 4HP Merc

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