Wednesday Night Race – August 20, 2014

It has been said that it’s all about force – the force of the wind on the sails, the propulsive force (centre of effort), the direction of the force, and the intensity and distribution of the aerodynamic surface force.  Engineers, or some of them at least, take delight in staying up well past midnight reducing all of this down to complicated formulas comprised of what for most of us look like hieroglyphics.

Wed Night Race – Aug 6,2014

Well, yes, it was a bit rainy.  And, no, there wasn’t much wind.  But three boats went out (no doubt practicing for Sunday’s big race; Ed.).  Really, all that can be said is watch out for the Cat and Tanzer with spinnaker.  See pictures below.  The race for the Cal Creaser Cup is on Sunday – see you then.

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