4 Boating Courses Start Nov 14


It is time to start asking “How do I keep this boating feeling going all winter long?

Yes, it is time to find a Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron course to learn a few valuable things and keep the Conga Line of the Boating Life moving with your boating friends.

Here are your four choices for this fall and they start Nov 14

  • Advanced Piloting;
  • Boating Essentials;
  • Sail;
  • Seamanship (Formerly Piloting).

Go to www.BoatFredericton.com to lean more or straight to http://boatfredericton.com/?page_id=273 to sign up

Kevin’s Race Presentation and 2012 Planning

Ahoy: The MSA Race Season had a great started and a good turnout at our April 25  meeting.

We had a great presentation on the Rules of Racing from Kevin P which resulted in some interesting conversations and discussi
One thing about the MSA Gang, they will listen but only so long. Kevin managed the Gang and delivered a great presentation. More on that below

2011 CPS Courses for the Sailor


Winter is approaching and once those tarps are on what can you do to keep the sailing vibe alive?

Well,  joining other Fredericton area boaters for some weekly classes.

The CPS Boating Course gets you a PCO Card Starts Wed Nov 2 and  runs for 14 weeks at the Devon Middle School


Q:How to keep the sailing season going all year? A: Boating Courses

Calling All Stations, This is the commodore…

There is plenty of sailing left, (I got out 4 times last week) but it will all come to an end. I think.

Now is the time for MSA members to start planning on how to keep this sailing spirit alive over the winter. Yes, listening to Jimmy Buffett and looking at “Boat Porn” (web sites of boats for sale) is good… but we can do one better.

Got your Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC)? No?

Calling all Stations

This is the Commodore


If you don’t have your PCOC then you need it and my recommendation is to invest one day and $75 and attend the Boat Pro course on Saturday May 15, 2010 from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. You will learn something.. this is not paying some idiot $50 and he gives you a card without teaching you anything but the answers. Apologies to the idiots

This course is put on the the Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron, which is a group of boaters just like you,( In fact, I’m involved in their Paddle Smart seminar) and it prepares you for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) exam and a lot more.

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