Irene Preparations

Calling all Stations,

This is the Work of Art’s Skipper, AKA The Piece of Work.

Well, we had a record 3 groundings at Walinack Cove in the last 24 hours but at 3 pm the rains began in earnest so no more worries there.

As you can see, NB Power has a new holding company called DrainItCo which pulled a plug somewhere anddropped the Head Pond 4 feet.

Merci, NB Powers

Merci, NB Powers

It was quite something…

The dock became a ramp!

The dock became a ramp!

Mooring Available

Calling all stations,
This is the Commodore

Currently, there are 10 moorings available. So if you know someone who was on the waiting list in the past and gave up, or someone who recently got a boat, then please pass this information along.

The available moorings are:
1, 2, 5, 5A, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 & 24.

People should call the Park at 363-4933, or drop in to get hooked up on a mooring.

Get hooked up on a mooring...

Get hooked up on a mooring...

This is the Commodore,


Docks & Slips

Calling all Stations
This is the Commodore.

Here is your Dock configuration. I’ll try to get one for the moorings next.

Slip by Boater

Slip by Boater

It was a fantastic weekend in the boat yard and our guy Ron what the first sailboat in getting the Catalina 22 into the water Sunday.

We are still waiting to see who has the first sail of 2010.

Docks, Slipps, Moorings & Storage.

All Stations All Station All Stations
This is the Commodore:
Good Monday Morning All:

The new “seasonal” nature of Mactaquac Park is having implications for the sailing community at Mactaquac. We need to be aware of a few things concerning slips &  moorings, storage, and York Centennial Park..

Slips & Moorings

Docks @ York Centennial PArk 2009

Docks @ York Centennial PArk 2009

You MUST pay by May 3rd (period).  Returning mooring/dock holders will have until May 3 to pay the seasonal fee.

On May 4th, the Park will call people on the current waiting list and then go to the “short” waiting list first and then it will be “first come, first served”.

MSA Upcoming Events

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Mactaquac Head Pond