Boat Yard Visit Sun, March 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30 Boat Yard Visit.

Snowshoed into the yard and took a few pics. Very few tarp are looking perfect with the winter taking a toll on many.

But it is almost time for the tarps to come off and a little water never hurt a fibreglass boat. So what does it matter?

Looking forward to seeing you all in the yard and catching up on all the news.

Boat Yard Access…

The Park will try keep our access to the Boat Yard open this weekend. Use the regular entrance, but if that is closed, take the “beach road” down from the main entrance and use your “red lock key”

Haul Out 2010

Calling all stations…

This is the commodore…

The day saw about 27 boats hauled and 4 masts dropped… not accidents.

Here are some pics… come back for video later.

Boat Yard is Open for 2010 – Access & Ediquette or How not to get us all kicked out…

Calling all Station
This is the Commodore.

Thanks to the initiative on the part of the skipper and crew of “Peace of Mind” the boat yard has been opened early. Thanks Guy and Jocelyn.

A RED padlock will be put on the inside gate for sailors to access the boat storage and remember that a sailor who opens the gate must close and lock the gate after he/she is inside to avoid entry to people who do not have a stored boat in the park. There is no flexibility on this point.

Docks, Slipps, Moorings & Storage.

All Stations All Station All Stations
This is the Commodore:
Good Monday Morning All:

The new “seasonal” nature of Mactaquac Park is having implications for the sailing community at Mactaquac. We need to be aware of a few things concerning slips &  moorings, storage, and York Centennial Park..

Slips & Moorings

Docks @ York Centennial PArk 2009

Docks @ York Centennial PArk 2009

You MUST pay by May 3rd (period).  Returning mooring/dock holders will have until May 3 to pay the seasonal fee.

On May 4th, the Park will call people on the current waiting list and then go to the “short” waiting list first and then it will be “first come, first served”.

MSA Upcoming Events

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Mactaquac Head Pond